Assay development

We apply our skills and experience to develop, adapt, and optimize dedicated assays for your discovery programs. We know that the biology of the drug target needs to be addressed in a pharmacologically-relevant manner, that optimized HTS and hit profiling assays need to be robust, and that economic factors need to be considered. Sometimes these requirements conflict; we will use our expertise to balance these factors while enabling successful screening or hit profiling campaigns.

We have an in-depth understanding of assay requirements for many target classes and assay formats, including:

Biochemical assays

  • Kinases, phosphatases, proteases
  • Epigenetics targets (HDAC, HMT, HDM, DUB)
  • Other enzyme families
  • Protein-protein interaction

Cell based assays

  • GPCR and non-GPCR receptors
  • Transporters
  • Ion channels
  • Phenotypic changes
  • Whole cell binding

Anti-infectives assays

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-viral

Our assay development capabilities cover various types of enzyme activity, biochemical interaction or displacement assays; cell-based second messenger, metabolite, receptor or transporter assays; phenotypic changes, and microbial viability and reporter gene assays.

Relevant counter, orthogonal or selectivity assays are co-developed for characterization of hits identified in the primary high throughput screening campaign.

Our expertise and your input are the keys to success.