About us
Exquiron, part of the Aptuit group of companies, was founded in 2013 by a scientific team with longstanding experience in the field. We are entirely dedicated to state-of-the-art hit identification and validation services for our clients. When working with us, you will notice our emphasis on transparency, clear decision steps, and effective communication. We start by working towards a mutual understanding of the project’s scope and definition of goals and deliverables. Once the project is in progress, we will provide regular reports as a basis for discussion, and seek joint decisions to advance to the next phase. You’ll find that we strive to act like an extension of your own hit discovery department.

With a combined team track record of over 60 years in early stage drug discovery and a high level of expertise and flexibility, we live up to the high quality standards of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. The Exquiron team will advance your programs and generate added value in the areas of pharmaceutical drug discovery, animal health, nutraceuticals, consumer care, or agrochemicals.

We are located near Basel, Switzerland, in the heart of the Swiss pharma industry. Our premises are easily accessible by car or public transportation.