Anti-microbial lead discovery

Stage No. Compounds No. Wells Parallel testing
Screening 150,000 600,000 Four screening campaigns against pathogens
Confirmation 1,630 13,000 Profiling on four strains at two concentrations
Potency determination 1,600 96,000 Serial dilutions for six assays

In an ongoing collaboration, 150,000 compounds from the Exquiron compound library served as starting point for an anti-microbial hit discovery campaign against various pathogens in parallel. Exquiron provided assay-ready plates to the Client, initially for screening, and then for confirmation of active compounds.

Exquiron then acquired solid compound, and upon solubilization and generation of serial dilutions for MIC determination and cytotoxicity evaluation, potency and selectivity profiles for library compounds were determined at the Client. Structural clustering of validated hits by Exquiron’s computational chemistry team permitted identification of active chemotypes, which were further complemented by a search for analogues in a database of more than 5 Mio commercially available compounds. Identified compounds were purchased as solid stock, or resynthesized, solubilized and provided as dilution series to the Client for activity, selectivity and cytotoxicity determination.

Currently, the Client has initiated profiling activities on a broad set of in vitro and in vivo assays, fully supported by our compound management expertise, to further prioritize and select hit series for progression to lead status.